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Making A LED Light Circuit

Making A LED Light Circuit

A Simple LED Light Circuit

Today you are going to make a simple LED light circuit. This is basic science and electronics at it’s core. A bit of fun for you beginners to understand the process of creating a circuit from scratch. Basic components you will need to start this project and see it through to the finish are;

  • 9v Battery
  • LED (whatever colour you want)
  • 470 Ω resistors
  • Bread board

You should have no trouble acquiring these from suppliers available on line for resistors, LED’s, and the other items listed here (or future experiments). Firstly, a brief

resistors & other components to make led light circuit

LED Light Circuit

explanation of the layout. You are connecting the positive (+) of the battery to the Cathode (negative) of the LED component, the Anode (positive) of the LED is then connected to the negative (-) of the battery, this circuit passes through a 470 Ω resistor either before or after the LED light. This completes the circuit.

No real knowledge necessary

The beauty of bread boards is that they are simple to fit all your components onto, no real technical know how is needed here. As explained above, just layout the components, connect the battery and lo and behold, LIGHT! You have created a simple yet working LED light circuit. Your first steps into the wonderful world of electronics. All this can be achieved on your own, with a lab assistant or study partner, at this level though, just a basic understanding of the fundamentals is only needed here.

Find different values for the resistors & voltage supplies used in circuit

If you are a bit on the curious side or a bit more experienced and want to tweak the values of your circuit to find out what components are needed and resistance values or resistor needed to make the circuit function differently, then you can try an interactive version of the circuit you have just built at this site and alter the values according to what you want.